Cerberus Corporation is one of the oldest droid production companies in the galaxy. Offering a large variety of the highest quality droids at affordable costs, Cerberus Corporation serves the galaxy by producing droids and sets the Galactic Standard by offering only the highest quality droids. Cerberus is the only company outside the Imperial Union to have developed military droid technology, holding the schematics to the infamous Battle Droid which is iconic of the Trade Federation.

In addition to the aforementioned Battle Droid, Cerberus also holds blueprints for Astromechs, Protocol, and Power Droids, and produces many other droids where the designs can be acquired, including various types of medical droid.

The company is under the domain of the Minister Azarin Isard of TSK.

Cerberus Corporation is based out of the Ingo system in the Bortele sector, although the company also operates factories on numerous TSK worlds.